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About Richard Long

Find out more about Richard Long, the artist who created EARTH SKY, here.

‘One thing I like about my work is all the different ways it can be in the world’

Richard Long CBE, RA was born in Bristol, where he still resides, on 2 June 1945 and studied Sculpture at St Martin’s School of Art. He is one of Britain’s best known land artists and considered one of the most influential artists of his generation. Central to his work is the act of walking, and this freedom from traditional form and material has served to extend the possibilities and broaden the very definition of sculpture itself.

Sir Nicholas Serota, Director of the Tate said,
‘In A Line Made by Walking (made in 1967 when he was still a student), Long changed our notion of sculpture and gave a new meaning to an activity which is as old as man. Nothing in the history of art quite prepared us for the originality of his action.’

He remains the only artist to be nominated four times for the Turner prize, winning in 1989 for White Water Line.

Long’s work is typically concerned with

  • Walking as central to the development of artworks
  • The environment and our relation to it
  • The use of natural materials
  • A deep affinity and reverence for nature
  • Minimalist re-arrangements
  • Relationship between the earthly and spiritual
  • Notions of transience and impermanence
  • Notions of visibility and invisibility

Richard Long and Houghton Hall
Richard Long’s first work at Houghton Hall was Full Moon Circle, one of his signature slate circles which was commissioned in 2003 and installed in 2006.

Earth Sky is Long’s largest exhibition since the retrospective Heaven and Earth at the Tate in 2009. 

More about Richard Long
Official website:

Richard Long in conversation with Stephen Snoddy, Director of The New Art Gallery Walsall
See Long at work as he makes River Avon Mud Circle

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We Asked Richard

Who is your favourite artist?
Vincent Van Gogh
The Japanese sculptor and installation artist Tatsuo Miyajima

What’s your favourite work of art?
The Pantheon

What are your favourite colours?
Red and Green

Did you have a favourite teacher at school and if so why?
Yes – many! John Stopps, my art teacher at secondary school, had a great sense of humour


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