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About the Artists

Here you’ll find out more information about the other artists involved in beLong: Annetta Berry, Kevin Crossley-Holland and Kate Munro.

Dr Annetta Berry – the writer

Hear Annetta read her writing below:


I have always loved art and writing. As a child I was forever drawing, making things and writing stories. My English teacher told me I should be a writer when I grew up. For a long time I didn’t know what to write about and I stopped writing stories.

While I was I studying History of Art at Cambridge University, Richard Long installed his sculpture Orcadian Circle in the cloister of my college. I was impressed by how powerful and elemental the jagged circle of rocks looked in the neat brick cloister with its manicured grass and hanging baskets of flowers. It made me think about raw nature and the refinement of learning.

I went to work for The National Gallery, Tate and freelance for the Royal Collection in London writing about their works of art. In 2009 I decided I wanted to write stories about art and artists. I am currently one of the first four MFA students in Creative Writing (Prose Fiction) at the University of East Anglia.

Art History is full of fascinating stories and art can inspire great writing. I enjoy researching the past, imagining the lives of my characters and putting together new ideas about art. The novel I’m writing at the moment is about the portraitist Sir Anthony van Dyck becoming trapped by plague in Palermo in 1624. There he met one of the very few female painters of the late Italian Renaissance, Sofonisba Anguissola, who was 93 and almost blind. Women were not trained to be professional painters at that time so she was extremely unusual. My novel is about this extraordinary true meeting – about portraiture, memory and the construction of the self. It was long listed for the Bath Novel Award in 2016.


Kate Munro – the artist

Hear Kate introduce herself using the audio below:


I love to make things. I believe that you can explore the world and make sense of things through playing with materials – any materials – from steel to snow, and potatoes to pottery. I make big things for public spaces, both outside and in, and I like the idea that people can come across them without having to go into a gallery. I thoroughly enjoy working alongside other people from tiny children to elderly people, and do this a lot, in schools, galleries, museums, old people’s homes and festivals all over the country, encouraging people to find the thrill in making something that has never been made before. I am also a member of the British Snow Carving Team, making snow sculptures in International Festivals in Greenland, Russia, Canada, China, Japan and Sweden. I like the fact they melt away to nothing.

Kevin Crossley-Holland – the poet

Kevin Crossley-Holland is a well known poet. His selected poems, The Mountains of Norfolk, won the EDP/Jarrold Prize, and his most recent collections are The Breaking Hour and, with paintings by Gillian Crossley-Holland, Veering North-Easterly. His translations from Anglo-Saxon are gathered in The Anglo-Saxon World, The Exeter Book Riddles and Beowulf, and he is the author of the Penguin Book of Norse Myths. His recent and moving memoir of childhood The Hidden Roads was praised by Rowan Williams as ‘a lovely poignant book, not wasting a word and evoking place in a deep way.’

Kevin’s books for children include retelling of traditional tales as well as the Arthur Trilogy (translated into 25 languages) and Gatty’s Tale, and have been awarded the Carnegie Medal, and the Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize. He is the author of two Viking Sagas and, with the artist Jane Ray, a novella about Vivaldi in Venice.

He has worked with many composers, including Sir Arthur Bliss, William Mathias, Rupert Bawden, Bob Chilcott and Cecilia McDowall; and with Ivan Cutting he co-authored The Wuffings, a play about the birth of East Anglia. He has collaborated with the photographer John Hedgecoe and the artist John Lawrence, James Dodds and Charles Keeping, and joined forces with Norman Ackroyd to produce the Moored Man cycle of North Norfolk poems, watercolours and etchings.

Kevin Crossley-Holland is President of the School Library Association, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and an Honorary Fellow of St. Edmund Hall Oxford.